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you'll never meet anyone else like me

.... and you'll thank God for it every day

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there is something horribly wrong in this world....
something that everyone sees every day....
few do something about it...
most just talk about it, as I'm doing now...

there was a line i heard in high school that has stuck with me and every once in a while it pops in my head.

"the hate that hate produced"

its sad that i have found personal reference to this particular line. more than once in my life.

i truly hate the human race, i have found several individuals that i like, some i love, but on a whole i hate the human race.

everyday people judge each other, consciously, unconsciously, I've done it, you've done it.

my whole life i have ALWAYS tried to see the good in people, regardless of how many times I've gotten fucked over, no matter how bad ass my exterior, i always have given as much as i can and put up with as much shit as i truly can from the human race. i still look for that glimmer of hope, i still turn that other cheek.

i realized this week that, that goodness, compassion, understanding, naivety, whatever you want to call it in me is fading. over the years its has gotten more jaded, I've grown up some, but as of late it has taken a quick slide down a slippery slope. its dying a painful death.

this saddens me, almost to the point of tears.