you'll never meet anyone else like me

.... and you'll thank God for it every day

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i know i love you.

but sometimes it takes my breath away.

the whole day we spent together with friends, the sea of bodies, full of cheer. the were smiles there was laughter.
we sat for what seemed like forever, through it all there was comfort. hand holding, jokes made, pictures taken. moments saved forever. the music started, dancing ensued, it flowed over all of us in a wash of happiness. then toward the end, the stars aligned, i turn around and there is only you. the world held its breath and forgot to breath, or maybe that was just me? everything narrowed down to you and me. everything else forgotten, a feeling i've never had before, new and somewhat scary. then you smiled and i was lost, rocked from my head to the tips of my toes with how very much i love you. how much you mean to me. how nothing meant anything until you, only i hadn't realized it. you held me, and our bodies swayed to a song some felt long forgotten. you kissed me and i drifted from both time and space. i cherished every moment with every part of me, parts i didn't know existed. parts long missed from youth and innocence, and some that never existed until that very moment. eventually the song ended, we parted... mildly. hesitant to leave each others touch, but somehow knowing it would be ok. we held that peace inside. a beautiful day with a beautiful man who means more than the wold world to me.


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