you'll never meet anyone else like me

.... and you'll thank God for it every day

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im sick but bens sicker......
blahhhh i feel poopy.

ben went to bed and im bored.

cars still broken so im stuck here.

boo hisshiss boo.

tired but not sleep tired.

i love the little things in life.

shaved my legs with a brand spanking neww razor.... loves it!!!

tired sore blah.....

im still struck several times a day with how fucking lucky i am....

i hope this feeling never goes away

i fucking hate that stupid fucking "i love college" song... its fucking stupid!!!

some day i miss being a teenager, sad but true.

no responsability

the only problems i had seemed trivial now.

im tried of being a grown up

but i love it at the same time.

~~~ i love waking up next to him in the morning


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