you'll never meet anyone else like me

.... and you'll thank God for it every day

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not quite bed time.....
here i am
still feel like yelling from the rooftops
problems still going on, bills to be paid
landlord to be paid
and hours severly cut so VERY little income
until i find another job

i am still so indescribably happy
i wake up feeling like im floating on air
it keeps hitting me
how lucky i am
how happy i am

just so very wonderful
so amazingly perfect for me
he makes me so happy

i can't help but count my blessings every day
ive never felt this content with my life.

i smile all the time now.
full out shit eatin grin.
and cant help it.

thank God.
i hope to hold onto this feeling forever.
my heart is so light
the world is so great.

ok. im done.

well at least here.

before i get to sappy.

...... yeah.....



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